Thank you for your interest in joining the Sabena Aeroclub.

By becoming a member you join a group of highly enthusiast people with a deep passion for aviation. Pilot membership is paid yearly in January and costs € 190 (for new members who join later during the year, the calculation is done pro rata, per quarter). On initial membership a one-time, refundable warranty of € 250 must also be paid. To fly out of our home base (the airfield of Grimbergen) you must also become a member of the non-profit organisation "Recreatief Vliegveld Grimbergen (RVG)  ".

Besides a pilot membership, we also offer a social membership option for non-fliers, aircraft enthusiasts, and a pilot’s friends and family. This form of membership costs € 75 per annum and is perfect for anybody who does not fly but would like to enjoy the club’s facilities, receive our latest news and attend our social events.

How to join

To become a member of the Sabena Aeroclub you must fill in the following subscription form.

You may send this to us - together with a digital copy of a passport photo and copy of a valid identity document (e.g. both sides of a Belgian ID card) - by email and you will receive a reply soon after the next monthly management meeting. Upon approval and reception of the membership fee your membership will be confirmed. A username and password will be send to you which allows you access to our reservation system and pilot portal.

If you are under 18 years old, the application form must be accompanied by a declaration of parental authority, signed by a parent or legal guardian. You can download this form by clicking here.

Registering for the theoretical training

You can follow our PPL theory course without being an actual member of the club, and because the course is modular it is perfectly possible to register and start during the year (unless the course is fulll). The next course starts in September. Click here to register.

Are you looking for more information or do you have any questions? Contact us at or have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

Sabena Aeroclub

  • Near Brussels, heart of Europe
  • High-quality, professional training
  • Multilanguage & international
  • Friendly & personal atmosphere

Our Location


Our home base is Grimbergen, only 15 km away from Belgium's capital city and Brussels National Airport.