SEP(L) Rating


The Sabena Aeroclub DTO offers the possibility to licensed pilots to obtain or renew their SEP(L) rating. We believe we can offer you great value training at short notice. Below you find some of the reasons why we believe you should do your SEP(L) training at the Sabena Aeroclub.

Why the Sabena Aeroclub?

Diamond 20
Professional training
If you are a professional pilot interested in the SEP(L) course to keep your flying skills sharp while looking for a job, we understand your needs and expectations. We will couple you with experienced airline pilot flight instructors and train you with a flow & checklist style system as used in the airlines.

Great value
As the Sabena Aeroclub is a non-profit organization, we don’t seek to make money from you. Our main goal is to promote flying and to offer high quality training in an affordable way.
Sabena Aeroclub
Varied fleet
We offer the possibility to obtain you SEP(L) on three models of single engine piston aircraft: one Cessna 152, two Diamond 20's and two Piper Archers. This will allow you to do your training on aircraft you are possibly already familiar with.

Keep flying
After you have obtained your SEP(L) you can continue to fly with the club aircraft, just for fun or to keep yourself sharp and prepare for a simulator assessment. All of this in an affordable way.

Training Program

Initial issue

Training will comprise of self-study theory, instructor briefings and a minimum 5 hours flight training.

Course topics:

  1. Departure
  2. VMC Airwork
  3. VFR En-Route Procedures
  4. Arrival and Landings
  5. Abnormal and Emergency Procedures
Perfect option for students who recently graduated from CAE Brussels with a frozen ATPL! Many have followed this path.


For holders of an expired SEP(L) the refresher training will be tailored to your experience and the time elapsed since the expiry. The program will be approved by our Head of Training.

Course minimums:
depending on time elapsed since the expiry of the rating

  • Less than 3 months: no additional training required.
  • From 3 months to 1 year: a minimum of 2 training sessions.
  • From 1 to 3 years: a minimum of 3 training sessions in which most important malfunctions of the available aircraft systems are covered.
  • More than 3 years: the entire SEP(L) training course.

Course Price

Download our SEP(L) brochure for a detailed fee breakdown and course price estimate.


Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or proceed directly to the membership page.


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Sabena Aeroclub

Near Brussels, heart of Europe
High-quality, professional training
Multilanguage & international
Friendly & personal atmosphere

Contact us

Humbeeksesteenweg 313
1980 Grimbergen, Belgium
+32 2 252 08 08

Our location

Our home base is Grimbergen, only 15 km away from Belgium's capital city and Brussels National Airport.
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