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GNS430 Training

The Sabena Aeroclub offers its pilots a GPS training on the Garmin GNS430, similar to the one in the DA20. The course will take place on March 25 starting at 20h in the clubhouse.

The course objectives are:

- A basic comprehension of the GNSS.
- Understanding the pagination of the unit.
- Defining a user waypoint.
- Editing a flight plan.
- Achieving a fast and comfortable manipulation at a glance to avoid time spent head down in the cockpit.

The course will not cover:
- any kind of procedure.
- vertical navigation.

Caveat: this training is not a lecture, but a hands-on training, and it will be profitable only if you can bring your laptop with this GNS430W trainer installed. Minor differences with regard to our GNS430, but the GNS430 (without the W suffix) trainer is for WindowsXP only. If you still have WindowsXP (in standalone it still works well for what is following), please download this GNS430 trainer.

Registration on the club website.

Quinten Ampe

Aviation enthusiast, captain on the Boeing 737NG, PPL theoretical knowledge instructor, flight instructor and webmaster here at the Sabena Aeroclub. In his spare time he is usually flying single engine piston aircraft out of Grimbergen and Zwartberg, playing the trombone or doing some sports or other outdoor activities. 


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